Elderly woman slams door into neighbouring car

Elderly woman slams door into neighbouring car

Some people need a lesson in parking etiquette...

An elderly woman slams her car door into another car door
An elderly woman slams her car door into another car door/TikTok Screenshot/@barstoolsports

We are certain that you noticed during the festive season that many motorists didn't practice good car etiquette when it comes to parking. 

Besides parking wherever they could find a parking space, some parked incorrectly, either slanted to one side in the white lines, on the white lines or worse, taking two parking bays.

Those who took two parking spaces were probably afraid of people like the woman we witnessed on TikTok. 

An elderly woman using a walking stick was videoed getting into her car but instead of being mindful of the vehicle parked next to her, she slammed her car door into the neighbouring vehicle. 

It gets worse, she didn't just slam it once, but twice. 

Now, we get that sometimes this happens by accident, and if there is no damage then we guess it's fine. But what happens when you do it by accident and you leave a chip or dent?

Do you leave a note or just walk away unbothered because at some point someone has done this to your car? 

Some might say this is something that you have to expect as a car owner and the resolution is to have a good chip and dent package. 


Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@barstoolsports She went back for seconds 💀 @Rubbin’ is Racing (via:@jclnsnchz ♬ EHHHHHHH EH EH EH - sk.Ninga
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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