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Do you remember the Guinness World Record for tightest parallel parking?

Zero pressure was felt by this driver...

The tightest parallel parking in reverse has a space 34 cm larger than the car, and was achieved by Alastair Moffatt (UK) for Guinness World Records Day.
Image: YouTube/ Guinness World Records

Let's be honest here, who is actually comfortable parallel parking?

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Parallel parking is a skill that tests even the most experienced drivers... now imagine attempting it in reverse. 

That's precisely what one individual accomplished, earning a spot in the illustrious Guinness World Records for the tightest parallel parking in reverse.

According to I Love South Africa, Alastair Moffatt, who's from the United Kingdom, was featured on Guinness World Records Day as he managed to achieve the tightest parallel parking in reverse. 

Here's how this daredevil of a driver managed to pull this off below:

The previous record for the tightest reverse parallel parking had already set the bar incredibly high, but this new achievement pushed the boundaries even further. 

With just centimetres to spare on either side of the vehicle, the driver navigated their car smoothly and confidently into the parking space, leaving bystanders and judges in awe.

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The Guinness World Records has always celebrated the extraordinary, whether human achievements, natural wonders, or mind-bending feats. 

This tightest reverse parallel parking record is a shining example of the lengths people are willing to go to in order to push the boundaries of what's possible. 

It's a reminder that with determination, practice, and a dash of courage, we can conquer challenges that seem insurmountable.

Alastair used a classic Mini Cooper for his attempt at Brooklands, which holds the Guinness World Records title for the first purpose-built motor racing circuit.

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Main image attribution: YouTube/ Guinness World Records

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