Urinating man caught and fined in KZN parking lot

Urinating man caught and fined in KZN parking lot

"Urine trouble," says one user...

Man fined for urinating in public at Boardwalk Mall
Facebook: Durban Traffic

A public urinator has become the talk of the town after traffic officers made an example out of the brazen offender. 

Urinating in public is an unpleasant but common occurrence on the streets of Mzansi. 

This isolated incident has since gone viral after a snapshot was shared on social media - and SA is not letting this man live it down:

Urinating man caught and fined in KZN parking lot
Urinating man caught and fined in KZN parking lot/ Facebook

ECR News reports that the 52-year-old offender was slapped with a R2,000 fine for urinating in public at the Boardwalk Mall in Richards Bay on Wednesday. 

It's been met with praise from residents and councillors, who have called for more action to be taken. 

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On Tuesday night, City of uMhlathuze councillor Henning de Wet wrote this on his Facebook page:

Municipal spokesperson Bongani Gina says others have also been arrested for public offences. 

"It affects more than just businesses, but it also affects the image of the city and town. It also infringes the rights of other people. You go with your kids to the mall and you don't want them exposed of an old man's genitals. That's public indecency and that may be traumatic to the kids."  

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Twitter has since gone on a rampage sharing how SAFFAs can be fined anywhere up to R40,000 for urinating in public. 

So the next time you really need to go while on a road trip, make sure to think about if it's worth breaking the bank...

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