Eish! Woman punished for not returning mother's Tupperware

Eish! Woman punished for not returning mother's Tupperware

Always return the Tupperware!

Daughter forgets tupperware trending video
Daughter forgets tupperware trending video / TikTok screenshot

Have you ever made the devastating mistake of not returning someone's Tupperware? You may have been met with a scoff, felt the wrath of a temper or simply was unfriended. However, one mother has taken it to a whole new level.

"She definitely won't forget to return it next time," exclaims one user.

This hilarious situation of a daughter forgetting her mother's Tupperware has Mzansi in stitches. Check out how this youngster is under the cosh right now:

@rociio.xo Ok maybe it was a couple times but really in a ziploc bag lol. She literally gave me birria de chivo and salsa in the bag. I guess i cant complain left overs are left overs ūüėč #hispanicmoms #mexicanmom #fyp #xzyabc ‚ô¨ Contigo - Los Panchos

The user behind this dilemma shares: "My mom makes the mistake of giving me Tupperware for leftovers...I tell her it's payback for every time she "held on" to my birthday money."

Here are more interesting solutions users around the world offered:

  • My abuela has a sign in sheet for Tupperware
  • My cousins use soda bottles
  • My mom is a true Hispanic. She uses grocery bags or aluminium foil
  • An empty ice-cream container is what I have to use
  • I have to bring my own Tupperware

Confessions: Who is entitled to the leftover food?

Many users have expressed the same sentiment as the daughter in the video. "We are all banned."

This fatal mistake will go down in the history books of Saffas. We wish the daughter good luck as she regains her mother's trust. 

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