Mom saves her Tupperware and packs kid's lunch in shopping bag!

Mom saves her Tupperware and packs kid's lunch in shopping bag!

This is what we call relatable content!

A shopping bag with lunch inside
A shopping bag with lunch inside/Facebook/@eathottamales

We know that moms are always protective when it comes to their Tupperware containers. 

And we cannot say we blame them. 

Tupperware is not just a reputable brand, it is also something of a kitchen must-have and has a sense of tradition attached to it. 

This tradition has become such an integral part of our lives that it has surpassed our mom's generation and moved onto the next generation. 

So, when we saw this post on Facebook, as much as we knew it was just a funny post, we related. 

Not only was it a fun reminder of our childhood, it was completely ridiculous, because no way would mum leave us with lunch in a shopping bag. 

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A restaurant from America called, Eat Hot Tamales, decided to post this on their page. 

In case you didn't get it, the pic is of tamales inside a Shein shopping bag. 

And this resonated with many people, so much so that people began sharing their own Tupperware stories. 

Latifa Newbill: "I use my Shein bags for toiletries, shoes, dirty clothes when traveling... But food?? That's a whole other level of bravery." 

Andrew James: "I’ve went to houses and found my silverware, glasses (The hard plastic kind) dishes, towels and washcloths, tableware…you name it. I’ve even found a few Christmas ornaments. …And they wonder why I”m yelling… “why are u in that bathroom for so long.” Yep…the Tylenol/Motrin thieves are at it again."

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