Confessions: Who is entitled to the leftover food?

Confessions: Who is entitled to the leftover food?

Hiding food, lying, and scoffing it down in the car are all part of the drama when it comes to leftover food. 

Confessions: What do you do with leftover food?
Confessions: What do you do with leftover food?/ iStock

Bringing home food can often be the cause of some major family drama. 

The dispute of what to do with the food that comes in a doggy bag can often lead one to give away the food to avoid any conflict. 

Listen to Stacey and J Sbu talk about how far they have to go to save their leftovers:

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We decided to pose the question to our listeners on Facebook and see if they could relate: 

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The rest have shared the following comments: 

  • "It's only food so whoever is hungry must eat it."
  • "Who is entitled to the food is whoever get's to it first, you snooze you loose."
  • "If it was a shared meal… it’s everyone for themselves! If I brought something and kept some for later… DON’T TOUCH!"


Many of the users have been in a pickle when they came home with leftovers. 

Some mentioned instances where family were upset with the lack of sharing and consideration.

Others mentioned a breach of privacy as family wants to know all about the dinner date.

Stacey Norman mentions: "One thing we know for sure is that if you bring food home, it's no longer just yours."

Here are some realistic things to do with your leftovers: 

  • Use it for tomorrow's lunch 
  • Reinvent them
  • Freeze them
  • Swap them
  • Preserve them

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