Curtain call: Python takes over Durban office

Curtain call: Python takes over Durban office

Don't look up! A massive python decided a Durban office needed some slithery décor. Find out how it got there (and how they got it OUT).

Nick Evans - Snake Rescuer / Facebook

A frantic call shattered the normalcy of a workday at a Durban business recently. The source of the panic? A three-metre-long python that had taken up residence inside the building. 

This wasn't a scene from a movie; it was a real-life encounter for Durban Snake Rescuer Nick Evans. 

Unlike their slithery cousins, pythons rarely enter homes or buildings. However, this particular serpent decided to throw convention out the window (or, more accurately, slither through it).

Evans found the majestic beast not slithering on the floor but rather relaxing on a curtain rail!

How did this audacious reptile achieve such a feat? The answer involves a brave security guard and a well-placed bin. According to a Facebook post shared by Evans, the guard spotted the python outside a room and coaxed it inside with a bin. 

He then heroically locked the python in the room for Evans' arrival.

“Unusual, but brave, not that we recommend people interfere with pythons,” Evans said about the security guard.

The capture itself was no easy feat. These pythons are all muscle, making untangling them from a flimsy curtain rail quite the challenge. Thankfully, Evans and his team managed to secure the snake, unharmed, and ready for release.

So, the next time you glance at your curtains, will you be picturing a relaxing python?

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