"My guy friend invited me to a wedding but how do I tell my boyfriend?"

"My guy friend invited me to a wedding but how do I tell my boyfriend?"

This couple is at odds...

Couple in conflict
Couple in conflict / canva

Someone has a confession to make...

In collaboration with Confessions.za, we've decided to detail some of the wildest confessions on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we're talking about conflict during wedding season.

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On Monday night, Stacey & J Sbu came across the following confession:

As you can imagine, this particular situation has sparked various reactions..

Stacey and J Sbu reached out to East Coasters to find out their thoughts on the matter. Listen here for the verdict:

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Here's what the internet had to say:

  • "Say: ''Babe I’m going to this wedding with my friend'
  • "Real talk, unless your man is very secure or cheating then he’s definitely not gonna be ok with this"
  • "It's literally just going to a wedding. It only means something if you make it mean something."
  • "If he has any respect for himself, he will say no. If you have any respect for him, you won't even ask."
  • "We're asking for permission from boys now?! What nonsense is this."
  • "better to ask for forgiveness than permission"
  • "If you have a boyfriend you respectfully decline the offer"

Here are more confessions that have been submitted lately:

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Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, you definitely don't want to miss this! 

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Confessions ZA's anonymous platform
Confessions ZA's anonymous platform/ Confessions.ZA

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