REVEALED: The inside scoop behind Confessions ZA's anonymous platform

REVEALED: The inside scoop behind Confessions ZA's anonymous platform

An exclusive look at some of the biggest scandals in Mzansi!

Confessions ZA's X Stacey and J Sbu
Confessions ZA's X Stacey and J Sbu

We have a confession to make! 

Something exciting is brewing for 2023 between Confessions.ZA X Stacey and J Sbu!

In preparation for the biggest content collaboration in Mzansi, we caught up with the confession platform to get an exclusive inside scoop.

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Who runs this platform? Why do they do what they do? Is it really anonymous?

Listen to all your burning questions being answered below: 

Confessions.ZA is a proudly South African platform where users can submit something they need to confess.

Simply head to their website, type in your location, and reveal the "hectic secret" you're dying to confess. 

If you are selected, this confession gets posed on their official social media for SA to chip in. See some examples below:

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After catching up with the masterminds behind this small project that completely blew up, we found out that this platform is in fact 100% anonymous. 

Here's an exclusive look at how they receive the info by people who submit their stories: 

Confessions ZA's anonymous e-mail platform
Confessions ZA's anonymous e-mail platform/ supplied

When this page was started in 2019, it was a small Instagram page with a few followers and has now grown into SA's biggest confession platform. 

Not only can you confess things to the page, but they also engage in real life conversations on the streets of Mzansi. 

Here is one of their vox pops:

Furthermore, this trending platform also sells some awesome merch such as anti-drink spiking scrunchies, drinking games, and t-shirts.

To get yours, click here

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Keep your eyes peeled, you definitely don't want to miss this! 

To submit your confession, click here

Confessions ZA's anonymous platform
Confessions ZA's anonymous platform/ Confessions.ZA

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