Check out this gravy bunny chow

Check out this gravy bunny chow

It seems the humble bunny chow has become something of an experimental food choice for people outside of South Africa. 

A bunny chow made with serv and fresh onions
A bunny chow made with serv and fresh onions/TikTok Screenshot/@foodieaaa

The humble bunny chow is known for its appeal as a street-side food that comes in a variation of flavours. 

From hot to mild, the curries that are housed inside the hollowed-out loaf of bread have long been a firm favourite amongst Durbanites and in places around the world. 

We are used to the humble sugar bean bunny or the mutton bunny in KZN, as the popular choices from people. But it doesn't end there...

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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It seems that foodies have been able to adapt the basic recipe into their version of what might taste good. 

The video above looks like it was made by a chef somewhere in India. We were a bit shocked by the contents, considering as KZN'ers we are used to some substance, not just a gravy curry. 

It's not like you would find a person from Durban making a 'Dhal' bunny chow...

But we have to admit, we appreciated the addition of texture with the crunchy serv and the fresh red onions. It was also nice to see them pan-toast the outside of the bread. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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