Durbanite takes on beef bunny chow in the UK

Durbanite takes on beef bunny chow in the UK

Hailing from Waterfall but residing in the UK, Hayley took us on a culinary adventure in her new home!

Bunny chow in the UK
@SaffaHayley / TikTok

TikToker @SaffaHayley recently embarked on a culinary adventure in the UK, seeking a taste of home at a renowned restaurant known for its Durban curry. 

Hailing from Waterfall in Durban, Hayley is no stranger to the flavours of authentic Durban curries. 

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Her choice for the evening was a beef short rib and potato bunny chow, a new take on a Durban dish.

With eager anticipation, Hayley tucked into her meal, finding the flavours to be familiar yet uniquely crafted. 

Describing the curry as mild yet packing a flavourful punch, she noted its authenticity and the skilful preparation that went into it. 

True to her Durban roots, Hayley embraced the experience wholeheartedly, opting to dig into her meal with her hands.

After savouring each bite, Hayley gave the meal her seal of approval, expressing her satisfaction with a thumbs up.

Take a look at the clip below:

@saffahayley Happy Durbanite! #bunnychow #africanchowbrighton #authenticdurbanbunny #durbanite #durban #savannacider #brightonhalfmarathon #brighton #proudlysouthafrican ♬ original sound - SaffaHayley
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