Londoner tries famous Durban bunny chow

Londoner tries famous Durban bunny chow

We love it when foreigners are excited to try out a local favourite...

A woman eating curry and a samosa in Durban Restaurant
A woman eating curry and a samosa in Durban Restaurant/TikTok Screenshot/@lalahassan_

We know that the hype around Durban bunny chows is a thing. 

We have to admit that each time we hear a foreigner has a good Durban curry or bunny chow experience, we are humbled. 

Not just because we know the depth of effort and flavour that goes into a good curry, but also because of how horrible it would be to look forward to a local favourite, only to be disappointed by the experience.

A Londoner by the name of Lala recently shared her first Durban mutton curry experience on social media. 

Lala is from Great Britain and is living in South Africa. She is a social media content creator and did her research before visiting the legendary Oriental restaurant. 

In the video, Lala shares how she's heard that Oriental has the best bunny chow and so she had to visit to try it out. Funnily enough though, she ordered a mutton curry while her family had the bunny chows. 

Watch how she enjoys her food and even takes a doggy bag home because it is just that good. 

Courtesy of TikTok.

@lalahassan_ This was bomb!!! #bunnychow #curry #durbantiktok #lalahassan #satiktok🇿🇦 #durban #mukbang #expatlife #durbancurry ♬ original sound - Lala 🇬🇧 | Life In🇿🇦

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Durbanites came to the forefront to support local and this is what many of them had to say:

  • "My hometown... Enjoy and make great memories"
  • "The best bunny chow is Chettys in teakwood road , clairwood"
  • "Welcome to true Indian food Durban style 😄"
  • "Durban has the best Bunny chows."
  • "Orientals durban north......the best mutton bunny I have tasted....."

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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