Betsy or Herbie: Does your car have a name?

Betsy or Herbie: Does your car have a name?

The reason behind people naming their cars is quite interesting...

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Many of us spend hours upon hours stuck in traffic in our vehicles and slowly, these vehicles become cherished companions.

According to Express UK, a study of 2,000 drivers was conducted with the most common name given to cars being ‘Betsy’, while ‘Betty’ was ranked second.

Executive Chairman of JCT500 John Tordoff noted that naming cars is a practice that is often seen among younger motorists.

Tordoff said that cars are a personal thing for many who want to make the space their own. He added that personification is a way to show “true love for our cars”.

Stacey Norman and J Sbu delved into the topic of naming your vehicle, inviting listeners to share their unique names and stories behind it.

Whether you have your own KITT or maybe Herbie, we needed to know! 

We went on a delightful journey into the hearts and minds of drivers all around KZN and learnt what the names of their vehicles are and why.

Nick Tatham told us about 'Trailblazer', a maroon station wagon, that took him all the way to Cape Town and back.

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