Are you too old for sleepovers?

Are you too old for sleepovers?

It's time to talk about adult sleepovers...

Adult sleepovers when are you too old

There are a lot of things we lose as we become adults.

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Teeth, friends, your ability to recover from a hangover in only a day.

While all of these might seem like obvious statements, there is one thing that we didn't know we had to give up and that will never feature in our adult lives again.

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Something that is very common in any adult's life is the fact that your friends rarely live close to you.

In fact, your best friends are probably not even on the same continent as you.

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Stacey celebrated her birthday over the weekend and, of course, all her besties came through. 

Only thing is - they all live in different provinces which means they had to organise a living situation while in Durban.

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Wondering how Stacey is going to accommodate all her friends in her two-bedroom apartment, J Sbu asked her the question: "Who will be staying at your place?"

Stacey immediately said no one.

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This sparked a conversation about sleepovers and age limits.

When are you too old to stay over at a friend's place? And is it rude to not let your friend stay at your place if they are visiting?

Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN the question and this is what they had to say:

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