Viral: Age gap of 37 years isn't stopping this couple from having kids

Viral: Age gap of 37 years isn't stopping this couple from having kids

A 61-year-old grandmother named Cheryl McGregor has married a man 37 years her junior!


The newlyweds are now planning on having their first baby together using a surrogate.

At what age difference is it acceptable to “mind the gap”? Does age really matter when true love prevails? 

In the words of Aaliyah, "Age ain't nothing but a number!"

Quarain met Cheryl McGregor in Georgia in 2012; he was only 15 at the time.

They rekindled their friendship in 2020 and McCain insists that there were no romantic feelings whatsoever between the two until last year.

“Even though it is an age gap we never think of, it's because Cheryl has a young spirit, soul and heart,” Quarain says. 

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Instead of being disheartened by the online trolls, they decided to capitalise on this opportunity to start an Only Fans account where they share explicit, intimate content and use it as a creative outlet for their undeniable chemistry and “incredible sex life”. 

The couple also have a TikTok account where they open up about their unconventional relationship.

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The couple got married last year despite the hate and disapproval they received and are ready to expand the family. 

Cheryl has struggled to fall pregnant. They've now turned to surrogacy or adoption. Although Cheryl already has eight of her own grandkids, the lovebirds want to have kids of their own.

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Due to the major age difference, it is a reality that Quarain may have to raise the child on his own in the future. 

"We understand that I may not be here as long as Quarain but I have faith in him,” Cheryl says.

“Our family is so supportive of our decision to have children, at first they were hesitant for the same reasons. However, now five of my children have come to accept the idea and my mother-in-law and I make videos together."

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Cheryl wanted to use her daughter as a surrogate but two of her suitable daughters had hysterectomies.

“Age is an issue of Mind over Matter; If you don't mind, it doesn’t matter” - Mark Twain

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