Going without basic amenities is affecting how we live

Going without basic amenities is affecting how we live

Nothing should be taken for granted in this world, especially things like water. 

Person holding stainless steel faucet with minimal flow of water running from tap
Person holding stainless steel faucet with minimal flow of water running from tap/Pexels/@Diva Plavalaguna

Many communities in KZN have been affected by water shedding over the past few years. But it seems the extent has not been fully acknowledged by governing officials. And now, as communities have reached their wits' end about the lack of service delivery, we see protest action emerging. 

Water, which is a basic amenity, is running dry in people's homes, with them having to incur added costs of purchasing water. 

This is because there aren't any alternative arrangements.

When community members ask about water trucks, responses usually convene around supply and demand issues.

The premise of a protest is to get noticed by governmental authorities so that some form of resolution can occur, but does that ever happen?

People are irate over their living circumstances; they feel unfairly treated and have lost all sense of control over their access to basic amenities. This cycle that is occurring in various communities in KZN has caused a dark cloud over any hope of reformation. 

Friends of the Stacey and J Sbu show contacted us saying that they experience water shutdowns regularly in their respective areas in Phoenix. 

These shutdowns have led to a silent protest that will be taking place in Phoenix next week, facilitated by the Voice of Phoenix (VOP). 


Communities are asking for answers and want to know why their water is being cut when they are paying their bills. 

It is a sore point for the masses who are left without any rebate when their monthly bill comes through. It is a sad reality we are living in and we hope that this can be resolved and dealt with in a peaceful manner. 

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