WhatsApp's big 4 updates, including shocking screenshot ban

WhatsApp's big 4 updates, including shocking screenshot ban

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Hold onto your emojis, because WhatsApp is gearing up to unleash some seriously jarring updates! 

As the foremost app in the realm of digital chatter, WhatsApp has kept us hooked with features like Stories, group video calls, and voice notes that make messaging a blast. But wait, there's more! 

Before these updates hit your screen, the fearless beta testers are already giving us a taste of what's to come. 

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According to the tech whisperers at WABetaInfo, buckle up for four wild changes that might just flip your chat game upside down:

1. AI for WhatsApp Business

During a recent global Conversations event in São Paulo, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, highlighted their ongoing efforts to meet user demands. Amoung their upcoming initiatives is the introduction of AI tools designed to assist businesses in efficiently retrieving information:

Coming in second, we have...

2. Call big businesses straight form the chat interface

3. Status order update

Finally, important contacts will appear at the top of the updates list.

This is how ranking system is expected to work: 

  • Frequent contact: prioritising contacts that users interact with often.
  • Pinned contact: these chats show preference or are a priority.
  • Recent messaging: this indicates to immediacy and relevance of the interactions.
  • Expiring status update: if a status is about to expire it is moved up the list to ensure that it is seen.

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4. Death to screenshots

While sending screenshots in group chats remains unchanged, users will no longer have the ability to capture screenshots of others' profile pictures. This adjustment aims to enhance privacy and mitigate the misuse of images for deceptive purposes.

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