Is a WhatsApp call an actual call?

Is a WhatsApp call an actual call?

Unpopular opinion states that WhatsApp calling isn't quite as acceptable as phone calling. What do you think?

Black businesswoman speaking on smartphone
Black businesswoman speaking on smartphone/Pexels/@Alena Shekhovtcova

We are all about living through the cultural acceptances of society, but some things have many divided. 

One might say that calling over WhatsApp doesn't constitute an actual call. 

Of course, the context of the word 'actual' here doesn't lend itself to whether or not the call happened, but more toward the fact as to whether this is acceptable.  

Unpopular opinion pushes us to ask the question: Is a WhatsApp call an actual call?

This question doesn't really lend itself to 'a sitting on the fence' sort of answer, but, instead, you are either for it or against it. 

But there have been a few people who say that WhatsApp calling is something you do with close friends or family and normal phone calling is for those who aren't so close. 

So, formal calling versus informal calling...

An article published last February shared that WhatsApp calling in South Africa is 90% cheaper than using traditional airtime to call. 

So, naturally, that would mean that those who are using WhatsApp to make calls are doing so due to the convenience it offers and the cost factor. 


We think that the opinion is definitely divided because some people believe this is acceptable while some don't. 

But the fact of the matter is that we live in different times, and we have to adapt to the communicative tools that our community finds easy to use and cost-effective. 

Just as voicenotes aren't for everyone, WhatsApp calling isn't for everyone. Perhaps the question needs to be about who it is acceptable to call over WhatsApp and who it isn't...

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