#DearDiary: The HIV results are in!

#DearDiary: The HIV results are in!

#DearDiary follows the journey of a young KwaZulu-Natal wife. In episode 20, #DearDiary and her lover get their results of their HIV tests.

Dear Diary

In episode 19, #DearDiary was a bundle of nerves as she and her lover awaited the results of their HIV test. In contrast, the lover was very calm. 

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In this episode, #DearDiary and her lover find out that they both tested negative for HIV. The nurse hopes that the results will encourage #DearDiary and her lover to practice safe sex going forward. 

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However, it seems #DearDiary and her lover have not taken her advice as #DearDiary expresses: 

Her husband is still away for work which means #DearDiary and her lover have more time to spend together and continue their affair. #DearDiary is growing in love with her lover. Even though #DearDiary is very much married and having an affair, she is taken aback when she finds out that her lover may have another love interest on the side. 

Do you think #DearDiary has the right to be jealous when she herself is married? Listen to episode 20 of #DearDiary and comment below: 

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