Dear Diary: Last night was exhilarating

Dear Diary: Last night was exhilarating

#DearDiary follows the journey of a young KwaZulu-Natal wife. In episode 18 #DearDiary and her crush engage in a night of passion. 

Dear Diary

The relationship between Dear Diary and her crush has moved to an even more intimate level. You will recall that in episode 17, they had their first kissed, a kiss that Dear Diary described as 'mind blowing'. 

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In this episode we hear just how Dear Diary and her crush are managing to spend time together without her husband suspecting anything. They spend almost every weekend together as her husband is often away for work during the weekend. 

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After Dear Diary and her crush spent their first intimate night together, for a brief moment she felt guilt. The guilt of cheating on her husband, however the crush reassured her that she should not feel that way because:  

Dear Diary describes the night as one of the exhilarating experiences of her life. Do you think Dear Diary is too far gone now? should she come clean to her husband. 

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