#DearDiary: Getting tested after the deed is done

#DearDiary: Getting tested after the deed is done

#DearDiary follows the journey of a young KwaZulu-Natal wife. In episode 19, #DearDiary and her lover are at the hospital to get an HIV test done.

Dear Diary

They are getting an HIV test done after their passionate, reckless rendezvous the night before, in which they did not use protection. 

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#DearDiary is a bundle of nerves, pacing up and down and feeling claustrophobic in anticipation of the results of their test. In comparison, the crush is absolutely calm. 

The nurse at the hospital does not seem impressed with #DearDiary and her crush. 

The wait seems to last an eternity for #DearDiary, who is growing out of patience with every second that passes. 

What do you think the results of the test will be for both #DearDiary and her crush? 

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