WATCH: Woman falls into the water as she attempts a yoga pose

WATCH: Woman falls into the water as she attempts a yoga pose

Maybe falling in the water was part of the yoga routine?

Unsplash - Pure Julia

Yoga is meant to be a therapeutic activity that brings calmness and relaxation.

However, this lady may have found everything but peace when she fell into the water during her yoga and meditation session.

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The video was published in 2017 by Chisa Mariee, but due to the fact that the internet never forgets, the video has started going viral again.

In the video, Mariee is seen trying to do a bridge pose on a log over the river when she suddenly falls and is swept away by the river.

Mariee explained that although she did not attain any serious injuries besides a few bruises, the fall was approximately four or five feet down and the current swept her around thirty feet downstream.

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Hopefully this will be a huge warning and lesson for all those adrenaline junkies who enjoy exploring new tricks and acts that could place one's life in danger.

Mariee is lucky she survived this incident because based on the information she gave the public, it could've ended extremely badly.

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