WATCH: Lecturer bans laptops, student brings typewriter instead

WATCH: Lecturer bans laptops, student brings typewriter instead

Well, this is a different 'type' of petty...

Student lecture hall

There's been this global trend where many students have been defying some class rules. It could be that the new generation of students are quite bold and extremely vocal about their thoughts, regardless of how it comes across.

There must be some sort of defiance campaign happening because they always find a way to approach the rules or find a way around the rules.

Like this student, for instance.

His lecturer enforced a rule banning all laptops from his lessons, which is quite understandable because it can be a huge distraction for both the lecturer and students when everyone is on their laptop.

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Well, it seems like there was one student who did not get the memo.

The student decided that since laptops were not allowed, he would bring a typewriter to work with as the lecturer conducts the lesson.


In the video, the lecturer is seen trying to teach but is interrupted by a constant clicking sound. Everyone starts to look around and to their shock, there is a random student sitting with an entire typewriter, typing away.

The video ends with the lecturer extremely drained by this incident.

Lad Bible

The comments are extremely hilarious, maybe even more amusing than the actual video.

Many people seem to be behind the student, with some even stating that this might just be the new definition for 'passive aggressive'.

Would you ever consider bringing a typewriter to your class or place of work?


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