Have you visited The Breakfast Room in Durban?

Have you visited The Breakfast Room in Durban?

Breakfast at a stunning location in Durban should be at the top of your to-do list.

The Breakfast Room

We spy with our little eyes, a beautiful restaurant situated in Durban with amazing food.

I mean there's quite a few that should be crossing your mind at this very moment because KwaZulu-Natal has the most beautiful spots which we'll definitely help you find as long as you stay glued to Things to do in KZN.

However, in this case we're talking about the magnificent - Breakfast Room, the restaurant is nothing short of exquisitie and is perfection at its best!

The place has received nothing but great reviews and feedback and what makes it even more interesting is the mere fact that its womanled - powerful right!

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The team at The Breakfast Room are super warm and friendly, ensuring that you get everything you request for just the way you want it!

The menu is filled with the yummiest food and the most special coffee you can find in Durban (this is not an exaggeration).

Why is the coffee special? 

Well, the coffee at The Breakfast Room comes from Kenya which means you'll randomly be sipping on Kenyan coffee somewhere in Durban.

Cheesecake at The breakfast room

If you're ever looking for a spot that has a great menu and a sprinkle of 5-star service, spoiler alert - THE BREAKFAST ROOM!

Also, if you're one of those people who first need to see what other people are saying about a certain spot just to decide if you want to go, we've got you!

The breakfast room reviews

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