Should Mia pursue a love interest after 7 years of silence?

Should Mia pursue a love interest after 7 years of silence?

Love lives here or in another country?

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Some people are hopeless romantics whilst some need a little bit of time to finally surrender to the love. 

Well, on Early Breakfast today we have  Mia, a KZN expat currently working in South Asia. 

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She has recently begun to experience strong romantic feelings about a childhood friend, who she hasn't seen in seven years. She's developed a low-key infatuation with him, and is considering giving up her life in her new country to pursue a relationship with this man. 

The trouble is, that she is too afraid to send him a message. 

Mia needs help moving forward. Should she make contact, or is this all a fantasy playing out in her head? 

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Mike V pulled in one of SA's greatest relationship experts will weigh in at 5:40 on Thursday morning. 

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So what is your take? Should she just let love lead? 

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