A lesson on how to play the long game in radio - with love from Darren to Mike V

A lesson on how to play the long game in radio - with love from Darren to Mike V

He is a young award-winning radio host who gets to work with Darren Maule daily. 

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Full circle moments usually take as long as 10 years, but for Mike V, the Early Breakfast presenter, his moment happened in two years. 

He was a radio presenter at VOW FM in 2018 when he heard about the desk driver vacancy for Darren, Keri, and Sky. Today, he has been with the team for over a year in this desk driver seat and has learned more than any other young radio presenter ever will. 

This is solely because he is in close proximity to Darren Maule as he broadcasts live every morning, but also because they generally have an effortless chemistry in and out of studio. 

The two chat A LOT.  From one award-winning presenter to the other, one thought leader to the other, and, finally, one radio mogul in the making to a radio legend with 10 years of experience - these two have a special relationship.

Since he was a child, Mike V has observed Darren on television, radio, and as a comedian. 

In this podcast, he interviews Darren Maule asking the burning questions that every young radio presenter probably would have for a beloved radio host who has made history. 

Take a listen to a conversation between a bright and passionate young Mike V, learning life, radio, and everything in between from Darren Maule.

Here it goes: 

The 10-Part Podcast Series for #DarrensDecade will come to an end tomorrow. 

There has been a rumour on the streets about Anna Banana joining the repertoire and it is absolutely true. 

Make sure to not miss it!

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