SEE: Beautiful, rare photo of Princess Diana released after 34 years

SEE: Beautiful, rare photo of Princess Diana released after 34 years

Princess Diana is one of the most iconic people of our generation!

Princess Diana
Instagram/ Diana Awards

Princess Diana is one of the most celebrated royals of our time - and we love her, too!

In fact, when it comes to popularity, she's the Marilyn Monroe of the royal family. The spotlight loved her, even if she didn't love the spotlight. 

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When we think of Diana's popularity, we feel like it's in the same vein as Jackie Kennedy-Onassis's popularity during her marriage to JFK.

A beautiful new photograph of the late Princess of Wales has been released; it was taken by famed photographer David Bailey in the late 1980s. 

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The image was has been in his personal archive ever since she posed for it in 1988 - she was around 27-years-old. 

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See the beautiful photo below:

According to Instagram account Historic Royal Palaces, "In this never-before-seen image from 1988, Diana, Princess of Wales is captured by David Bailey. Diana’s choice of Bailey as royal photographer, with his bold minimalistic style, reflected her desire to establish a new photographic identity for herself."

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Diana continues to be one of the most celebrated people of our generation, with her mystique, grace, and abilty to connect with so many people. 

To this day, Diana's death and the circumstances around it still leave so many unanswered questions.

Most recently, she is portrayed by Kristin Stewart in the highly-anticipated biopic, 'Spencer'.

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