WIN: Get cash for making a scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast

WIN: Get cash for making a scrumptious Mother’s Day breakfast

Compared to last year’s harshly restricted Mother’s Day, there is more freedom to make this year’s more special. What beats a breakfast in bed surprise? 

Mother's Day Food

Well, absolutely nothing can beat dedicating a morning to preparing a heartfelt breakfast for the person who gave you the gift of life. It has become somewhat of a tradition in families and the sentiment and effort always goes down well.

We celebrate the people who have seen us through life as a whole - primary school, puberty, high school, university, and still continue to be our same loving and pedantic parent even in our adulthood. There still isn't any one gift significantly and perfectly fitting to thank our mothers, but the smallest and sweetest breakfast with our siblings, dads or friends always makes them feel appreciated. 

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Now we are giving you the chance to win a cash prize of R1,000 for simply using what you have to make a tasty breakfast for your mother or guardian. If you have lost your mother, you can just do this act of appreciation for anyone special in your life.

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The trick is to pay attention to the details of your meal - right amount of salt, balance your flavours – and have fun with the preparation. You should, most importantly, be certain you are making something your mother, guardian or special person will enjoy.

How to enter:

1. Share a photo or a video of your mom or wife being presented with a nicely prepared Breakfast in Bed. 

2. Send it to 061 700 0800 on WhatsApp on Sunday morning and we'll announce a winner on Monday morning.

The winner of THE WORST LOOKING, but BEST TASTING Breakfast in Bed will walk away with R1,000 in cash! We will call your mom and ask her to rate the breakfast out of 10.

It is as simple as that!

 Listen to the podcast carefully for all the details you may require:

Lucky Du Plessis will also remind you on Weekend Breakfast between 6A and 9AM! Don't fret, you got this!

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