"When exactly are you considered fully vaccinated by the government?" Prof Tulio explains

"When exactly are you considered fully vaccinated by the government?" Prof Tulio explains

Are you fully vaccinated right after the jab or a little while after the jab? 


When we talk about the factors that make us an elite Breakfast Radio Show, we have to also include the fact that we get the chance to regularly speak directly with one of the world's top virologists, virus-hunters, and bioinformaticians - Professor Tulio de Oliveira. 

He joins us every Wednesday to answer all your COVID-19 and vaccine-related question with extensive experience and research done from KRISP at UKZN. 

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With vaccinations happening nationally, people are curious whether they are recognised internationally, especially because they would like to travel soon. The opening question today asked whether the Pfizer and Johnson and Johsnon vaccines are equally effective? You might also want to know if they are both internationally recognised, as well. 

Dave Waterfall's question also got passed on to the good Professor: "SA Health sites says that you should wait a minimum of 30 days after you’ve had COVID-19 to get your vaccine. Do you agree?" 

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Prof Tulio thoroughly breaks down how long after you have tested positive you should wait to get your jab. 

Another question we received was from Catherine who recently had a COVID-19 test done but not through the nose. The nurse had shared with her than the current strain of COVID-19 attaches to the tonsils. She questioned whether it was true that one can’t get the Delta variant if you don’t have tonsils?

And finally, "When exactly are you considered fully vaccinated by the government? Directly after your second jab or in a window after the jab has reached effectiveness?" 

Take a listen as Prof Tulio answers all the above questions: 

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Make sure to stay safe during this time - wear your mask, wash your hands, and adhere to the required social distancing regulations. 

The collective importance of vaccination has been communicated multiple times by varying stakeholders, so if you can and want to, get to your nearest vaccination site and get that jab. 

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