"I got my J&J vaccine but now I want the Pfizer vaccines" - Prof Tulio advises

"I got my J&J vaccine but now I want the Pfizer vaccines" - Prof Tulio advises

Vaccinations are currently open to 18+ and here are the questions. 


When it hits mid-week on our show, you know what that means: we have Prof Túlio De Oliveira from KRISP at UKZN on the phone to share everything related to COVID-19 and vaccinations globally. The good Professor is one of the world’s top virologists, virus hunters, and bioinformaticians. He is world-renowned, having appeared on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.

In today's session with him, he answered the questions from DKS and from the listeners which were COVID-19 and vaccine related.  Everything you may be uncertain about in these two fields, he simply and thoroughly clarifies. 

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People who are getting vaccinated are wondering whether it will truly work if we all went and got the jab in numbers. Prof Tulio answers how getting vaccinated could create immunity. 

He also shares the efficacy of one's full vaccination in terms of death, hospitalisation, and whether you can contract the COVID-19 virus again.

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The country is slightly open and we are allowed more movement than we were this time last year. The question of wiping down goods that one may get from a store is still being asked. Prof Tulio shares the importance of always making sure to clean everything we consume in terms of sanitiser or washing it with water. 

How long does the virus stay on the specific item? Take a listen to the podcast as he explains this further. 

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When people get vaccinated they are usually told they will experience some side effects, while some are also told they might also test positive for COVID-19 a few weeks after. Why is this the case? 

There are only two vaccines available in South Africa and you either get one or the other. But some want to get the Pfizer right after getting their J&J single shot. How safe is this? Will it still be effective?

Have a listen as he answers all these questions: 

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