What's more insightful and eye-opening than these moments on the show?

What's more insightful and eye-opening than these moments on the show?

We had some if the most relevant, informative and eye-opening conversations this week. 


We started the week on an unsurprisingly high note, nothing new for Darren, Keri and Sky. We revisited the exciting topic of Sky's 'Baby Archie' coming soon...

He was curious whether he would be receiving paid paternity leave on his little son's arrival.

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Unfortunately, in South Africa that would depend on the company at which you are employed. Sky, personally, would appreciate some time away to be present at the birth of son and to support his partner in the first few week. 

Will that be possible? Take a listen 

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We had a lot of fun with this one; "What are some of the unspoken South African rules?" 

What that did was help us highlight some of the special, funny and sometimes rebellious things we do only in South Africa. 

We shared some of our own but KZN listeners beat us to it. 

Take a listen as they shared it all here

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Who doesn't like a heartwarming moment from The Big Favour?  

If you do, then you have to witness the unfolding of a Razaak Sheik's story. 

He is a father of two whose family has sadly gone through a tough time following the COVID-19 pandemic's restrictions of having to pause operations at companies. 

Take a listen to how The Big Favour made it possible for KZN listeners to join hands and help the family

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We were as relieved as the rest of the country that the Moti Brothers were found after having been kidnapped for 3 weeks. 

They are the four brothers Zia (15), Alaan (13), Zayyad (11), and Zidan (7) from Polokwane who had gone missing and had their pictures shared across the country hoping for their return. 

But there was speculation following their return that the whole story could have been a hoax linked to the R200 million drugs that went missing from the KZN Hawks office. 

Here is more about this speculation 

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We were joined by Wendy Knowler on Thursday morning and she opened our minds to something absolutely important: 

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That was definitely an insightful conversation that made us look at what varying South African wholesalers are doing to place age restrictions in cases of liquor purchases online. 

Well, that makes a full week of fun and also learning new things. 


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