What the blood moon lunar eclipse on 19 November means for you?

What the blood moon lunar eclipse on 19 November means for you?

One thing; try to step out of your comfort zone.

Full moon November

Tomorrow we have a full moon in Taurus but we also have a lunar eclipse which means the full moon will cross into the shadow of the Earth. This shadow is what makes the moon look red, hence the name “blood moon.”

You might already be feeling a little heavy or be experiencing events that feel a little too much - be gentle on yourself. 

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This specific full moon is in Taurus, which is known to be head-strong and has fixed and grounded qualities that will nudge you in a different direction than you're used to going in. Everything you thought should 'stay' might be forced out. The places you feel you cannot leave like a confining job might need to be re-evaluated. 

The same energy will be applied for some connections which are heavy, stagnant and unfulfilling. 

Full moons are not as chaotic and scary as everyone makes them out to be. 

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Look at them as a time for breakthroughs - a time where everything that is not truly meant to be connected to you will flow out.

The difference about this specific full moon is there will be an eclipse that will rather forcefully remove anything that needs to go or even force you to do things you had not been aware of. 

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Please don't be alarmed by that, the universe always has our best interests at heart, but we also always know what's best for us, deep down.

So what should you do for this full moon? 

  • Meditate
  • Write a list of all the things - emotions, people, thoughts - you would like to release
  • Burn the list as a sign to let it go. 
  • Note what you are most grateful for 
  • Declutter - your home, work table, laptop desktop etc. 

And lastly, you have to take it easy, dear one. 

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Happy Full moon, dear friends!


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