Jane Linley-Thomas' illuminating legacy continues to grow with her new business

Jane Linley-Thomas' illuminating legacy continues to grow with her new business

The ReJoyce Collection is bright, colourful, and eccentric - just like her. 

Jane Linley-Thomas

She has been with East Coast Radio for 18 years and is only soaring higher. Jane Linley-Thomas' new venture, ReJoyce Collection, is a reflection of all that she is and believes in. 

And because it is almost impossible to not notice her beam of light, Keri Miller thought it was a great opportunity to bring her back to her couch. 

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Born in East London, bred in Durban, Jane Linley-Thomas launched The ReJoyce Collection this year. It has been an amazing journey for her as people have been so supportive of the business. 

But before all that came about, she and her family went through a tough year in 2020. She contracted COVID-19 and, fortunately, recovered. Her husband Michael, who we know she adores, was also retrenched. This altered a lot in their family but they were not defeated.

In the podcast below, she shares how she went about informing her children of what was taking place and the changes that might arise as result. 

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You can hear her speak gracefully about the how they approached life during that time and how it inspired The ReJoyce Collection. 

Take a listen as she shares her journey of building the store, how business has been in the past year, and what she aims to achieve with it. 

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Have a look at the kind of clothes you can find at the shop: 

ReJoyce Collection

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Being a self-starter is something she advocates for completely! But also approaching life from a place of abundance and passion has been what has made her move the way she has in her life.

You can support her business through appointments only. To book an appointment, email [email protected]

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