WATCH: Wild stuff - a lion wanders freely on the N10 highway!

WATCH: Wild stuff - a lion wanders freely on the N10 highway!

Impromptu free game drive, how about that? 

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That intrusive thought of "What would my first reaction be if a lion just popped up in my street?" was very much a real thing for some motorists on the Eastern Cape N10 highway this weekend. 

A lion was spotted along the N10 between Cradock and Middelburg on Saturday night - 19 February. 

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The wild creature had escaped a game farm in the area. 

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The provincial transport departmental spokesperson Unathi Binqose told TimesLIVE the game farm had hired professional hunters and a helicopter to search for the animal.

The Eastern Cape transport department then sent out a warning on social media which was later shared across different pages together with the video. 

Have a look:

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"Until the lion is safe, nobody is safe," Binqose said before the lion was captured. 

Luckily, the lion was recaptured on Sunday afternoon.

All is well, you can freely use that route again!

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