Cuddling lions or should we call it spooning lions have stole our hearts

Cuddling lions or should we call it spooning lions have stole our hearts

Three Kalahari lions were captured cuddling while in transit and is pretty much one of the cutest things we have seen on the web this week. 

Lions cuddling on a plane
Instagram Screenshot/@mabula_game_lodge_official

When we think about lions, we rarely associate the word 'cute' with them. So when a picture of three Kalahari Lions surfaced and shows them cuddling each other, we say 'how cute.'

In an effort to help with breeding, they were flown across from the Khamab Kalahari Reserve, on the border of South Africa and Botswana, to the Mabula Game Reserve north of Pretoria. (Metro)

The lions were moved by a non-profit organisation that assists and supports conservationists and environmental groups. The non-profit group has a group of pilots and they were in charge of flying these beautiful creatures to their new home. 

The breeding efforts were a way of reducing inbreeding within the species. The image shows the lions sprawled length wise and what we call 'spooning' each other, they definitely looked comfy. 

The lions were tranquilised and slept throughout the flight. Due to the decreased rates of the lion population, efforts such as these help increase genetic diversity. 

"The lion population in Africa has decreased by 90% percent in the last century – however, conservation efforts are helping protect the magnificent creatures" (Metro)

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