WATCH: USA Pentagon confirms UFO sighting!

WATCH: USA Pentagon confirms UFO sighting!

It's one thing when your neighbour tells you they've spotted their first UFO, but do we trust the US government?!

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UFO (unidentified flying objects) have been the source of controversy for decades.

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There doesn't seem to be a time where human beings didn't think about strange spaceships and aliens circling in the sky above their heads.

By now everyone also knows that Area 51 in the USA specialises in studying the unexplainable and the most popular theory is that they are hiding all their alien knowledge from the general population.

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Well, alien believers prepare to be satisfied!

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the country's Department of Defense, has confirmed another UFO sighting.

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Recently a few images and a video showing a triangular shape floating around in the sky, also known as an unidentified serial phenomena (UAP), were published on

The website is run by filmmaker and artist Jeremy Corbell, who also tweeted out the footage (which you can watch below).

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Turns out the Department of Defense agrees with everyone - it's aliens alright!

CNN has reported that the video was taken by Navy personnel and in an official statement to the news outlet, Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough confirmed this.

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Just last year UFOs and these sightings once again took over our timelines and became the centre of attention when three pictures started making the rounds on the internet, only for the Pentagon to confirm that these were actual genuine footage.


The Pentagon was taking it so seriously that they did not release any information for fear of putting the countries national security at risk.

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The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is in charge of examining all these videos and images, with their official job description being: "detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to US national security."

Other than that, information is scarce and limited.

While we're not sure if we are fully convinced that aliens exist just yet, we have to wonder: will ET visit SA next?

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