WATCH: see the exact moment a tree explodes after being hit by lightning

WATCH: see the exact moment a tree explodes after being hit by lightning

This once again proves that if the thunder roars you should be heading indoors!

lighting tree
US National Weather Service Green Bay Wisconsin

We all know lighting never strikes the same place twice.

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Although very few people can say that they have ever seen lightning even strike once.

Sure we can look up at the sky during a classic KZN thunderstorm and see the flashes of white across the sky, but it's never an up-close and personal thing. You only see it from quite a distance. As you should!

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Please do not let this next video motivate you to go searching for trouble while there's a storm raging on. Stay indoors and don't do anything that would make people question your intelligence.

That being said, sometimes a few people are lucky enough to witness mother nature in action without being hurt or injured. (We would like to note however that even in this extraordinary case, the kids and all the faculty, everyone, was inside the safe walls of the school building.)

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The students of Wautoma High School were fortunate enough to witness the incredible force and power of a lightning bolt while they were supposed to be prepping for a test. 

The students and teachers of this small Wisconsin town were absolutely fascinated by the sounds as the deafening roars of thunder rolled around them when they suddenly heard a massive boom and crashing sound.

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The school principal, Jennifer Johnson told Insider that they were all very startled by the event but they soon found out exactly what had happened and were instantly fascinated and surprised that such a rare moment could happen so close to them.

You can watch the slowed-down version of the video below:

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The footage was caught on the school's security cameras so no one was out risking their lives for the shot and the video was posted on the US National Weather Service Facebook page to help put across the point that people should remain inside whenever a storm like this rolls around.

While it might be a bit scary you can't help but admire how incredible it is to see something that is simultaneously so hazardous yet so beautiful at the same time in full effect.

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