WATCH: Plastic surgeon suspended after making TikToks with human flesh

WATCH: Plastic surgeon suspended after making TikToks with human flesh

Is this what doctors get up to behind the scenes?

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By now we all know and love TikTok, or maybe you hate it.

Whether or not you're a fan, you have to admit: the social media platform has led to some educational discoveries, tips, tricks, hacks and incredibly entertaining content.

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But like any other app, website or social platform, there is a dark side.

Recently a Brazilian plastic surgeon caught almost everyone on TikTok's attention with her videos.

Caren Trisoglio Garcia, known as TikTokker @minhacirurgiaoficial, became an overnight sensation for all the wrong reasons though.

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Apparently, she chose to create content that has truly never been done before (not that we are aware of at least).

Caren decided to attempt a few TikTok dances and in order to make sure she didn't become just another social media dancer, decided to spice up her videos by incorporating her profession as a plastic surgeon into her videos.

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Did she share useful information? Did she dance around a hospital or give a glimpse into the life of a plastic surgeon?

No - she danced around holding bags of fat and displaying huge hunks of human flesh that she had allegedly removed from her patients. In one of the captions of these videos she even included that this was "today's trophy".

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Other videos included captions that specified which body part provided the fat featured in the videos, which she had removed via liposuction.

And, unfortunately, it's not difficult to realise that these items are 100% real.

You can watch the video below. (The video has been sensored.)

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Since these videos went viral, Caren has been suspended by the São Paolo regional medical board and the videos have also been removed from the app. 

The president of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Estefano Luiz Favaretto, was the first to request that the local medical board take action against Garcia and that she should be suspended for at least six months, according to Newsweek.

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Under this suspension, she is no longer allowed to operate or take new patients and she is under investigation. If she is found guilty of medical misconduct she could have her license to practice permanently revoked.

While the verdict is still out, it seems like most people agree that this is not acceptable behaviour and this is not how medical professionals should act.

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Luckily, and hopefully, this is a one-in-a-million case and this should definitely not influence your opinion or view on all medical staff.

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