WATCH: Man becomes his daughter's hero for catching an alligator using dustbin

WATCH: Man becomes his daughter's hero for catching an alligator using dustbin

It almost as big as a crocodile but he does it!


The video went viral the previous week as this man in Florida went and dealt with a roaming alligator in the neighbourhood all by himself. Now, that is definitely a superhero!

The man named Eugene Bozzi is a 26-year-old US army veteran was alerted by his daughter about the wild animal. When he went to check it out outside, it was bigger than he imagined. 

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This alligator was 1.8m long and when it settled in his mind would be crawling free in their neighbourhood he thought of everyone in his community, especially the children. 

“I said, ‘No, I’m removing it because he’s probably hungry,’” he shred with USA Today. “The only thing that came to my mind was to protect my kids and the other children outside.”

Now, this is one feat that not just anyone can achieve. 

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Bozzi took the dustbin and slid it along the floor with the lid open, towards the alligator. 

You can see the open-mouthed alligator facing the bin. It keeps shuffling backwards as Bozzi draws closer to it until eventually he manages to trap the gator's head using the bin's lid. 

The gator realises its trapped, it starts waving its tail viciously. Take a look at how it ended. 

Watch it here:


Are you wondering what happened after he caught the gator? 

Luckily, the neighbourhood is not so far from a pond. He pushed the dustbin to the site and released 

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This is an actual example of "not all heroes wear capes". 

What a brave man!

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