WATCH: Lewis Hamilton nails this prank with a brilliant disguise!

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton nails this prank with a brilliant disguise!

He is totally unrecognisable!

Lewis Hamilton British Grand Prix '21 - AFP

One of the most amazing moments for anyone is meeting an inspirational figure unexpectedly, right? Like just randomly running into Darren Maule at the mall or Shekinah at a restaurant...

This is something that happened when these school children went on a school tour at the Mercedes Headquarters in Northamptonshire. 

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Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton was completely unidentifiable and merely an employee who works as an engineer at the HQ.  

The three primary school children, from Camden in the UK, were invited to the premises because they aspire to explore careers in the engineering and automotive industries.

Before he peels his mask and other disguising make-up off for the students, the students each enthusiastically speak about their ambitions. 

The F1 world champion then leaves the children completely shocked, stunned, and speechless as he reveals his true identity. 

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Once they have seen who they are dealing with, he shares an inspirational speech to the pupils about the importance of mindset and attitude towards education.

He continued: "There are a lot of youngsters who don't realise that being an engineer, for example, is an avenue that they can go down."

The trip was arranged by UBS, a partner of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, as part of their ongoing investment into quality education for young people of the UK.

Have a look at how seamlessly he was disguised: 

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We definitely need a team of remarkable make-up artists to do something like this with our very own Darren Maule

How cool would that be? 



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