Darren Maule's April Fool's prank almost backfired...

Darren Maule's April Fool's prank almost backfired...

Of course, our resident comedian wanted to make an April Fool's Day joke but it didn't really land.

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The internet was filled with boobytraps and bamboozles yesterday as it was every jokester's favourite day of the year.

April Fool's Day!

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The day was filled with jokes and hilarity, from fake celeb breakups to people launching strange and interesting products.

But as we have seen over the years, thanks to people choosing to record everything they do and sharing it online, these pranks and gags do not always turn out the way they intended.

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Either something physically goes wrong with the joke, like a person not showing up on time or not going to the correct location, or the victim might not be too impressed when they find out they were the butt of a joke.

And this is exactly what happened during our April Fool's edition of Darren Maule's Quick Quiz...

Darren thought he would join in on the fool fun and made a fake Quick Quiz.

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Sharon Thomson from Kokstad was excited to play the game. She was so hopeful, and imagine winning R5,000?!

Unfortunately, things definitely did NOT go as planned. So much so that Sharon's father almost stepped in.

Listen to it all go down on-air right here:

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But the universe works in mysterious ways and it had Sharon's back when it set out for revenge.

Earlier this week the whole team freaked out when they read that Jameson whiskey South Africa will be launching a skincare range.

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They excitedly talked about it, told everyone they know and we even wrote an article about it, only to find out that we have been taken for a ride.

As it turns out the whole thing was fake.

So Darren got a tiny taste of his own medicine.

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But luckily there are no hard feelings between Sharon and ourselves and hopefully, she'll be able to pay again in the future and walk away with some cash money.

Lesson: learnt.

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