WATCH: How mud is used to clean plates

WATCH: How mud is used to clean plates

Imagine using mud instead of dishwashing liquid to clean your dishes...

First time seeing how to wash dishes during a party like this. But it works it's easy to remove the oil from the dishes.

Have you ever heard of the old-fashioned practice of cleaning plates by dropping mud on them? 

It may sound strange, but this method has been around for centuries and is still practiced today by groups of people in some parts of the world.

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The mud is made from clay and water and is mixed together to form a paste. 

The paste is then spread on the surface of the plate and the mud is allowed to dry. Once the mud has dried, it can be easily scraped away, taking dirt and grime with it.

The group of people who use this method to clean their plates gets the mud from their local rivers, lakes, or streams. 

The mud is then mixed with water to create the paste that is used to clean the plates. 

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This method of cleaning plates has been used for centuries, as it is a quick and effective way to clean dishes without using harsh chemicals.

By using mud to clean plates, the group of people is able to save time and money. 

Not only is this method of cleaning plates more cost-effective than using detergents, but it is also much more environmentally friendly.

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So, next time you're washing dishes, why not give this old-fashioned method a try? You may be surprised at the results. 

Who knows, you might even enjoy cleaning your dishes with mud...

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