WATCH: Game drive turns a little scary when three lions surround tiny car

WATCH: Game drive turns a little scary when three lions surround tiny car

"Liefie ek kan nie," you can hear the cameraperson whisper.

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You know we love a good Kruger National Park or zoo story! This time it was absolutely beautiful to see lions so close up. 

But the people in this vehicle on a game drive were simultaneously excited and terrified during this time - and understandably so. 

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So, in this video you'll see three lions rubbing up against a little car that was on a game drive. The video was taken by 24-year-old Simone van Schalkwyk. 

She was on a game drive near Lower Sabie in the Kruger when three huge visitors became extremely curious about their car.

She shared with Business Insider: "We had gone out on a very early morning game drive, as the only thing I wanted from our trip was to see big male lions." Well, we would say be careful what you wish for because she got just that. 

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There were three huge lions lying in the grass next to the road when their car approached.

You can hear how terrified she is in the video as she keeps saying in Afrikaans, loosely translated, that she cannot. 

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"They came right up to my window looking right at me and even rubbed themselves against the bonnet. The emotions were unreal and slightly mixed, I was filled with excitement as well as a bit of fear seeing these male lions up close." 

Have a look at how close they got to them: 

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When the lions were done rubbing against their vehicle they wandered off to the spot at which they sat before the car had peaked their interest. 

Lions are definitely one of the scariest animals in the wild but the sight of them up close just makes you see the magnitude, beauty, and wonder of the planet we live in.


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