WATCH: KZN safari guide remains calm as lion threatens to pounce

WATCH: KZN safari guide remains calm as lion threatens to pounce

Now this is how you remain calm in a scary situation!

Lion at Somkhanda Game Reserve
SWNS YouTube

A viral video shows a male lion a few metres away from a safari guide with only a mesh window separating them. How do you simply just stand there when a large lion stares directly at you and growls?!

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This chilling video was captured by the team at Bhejane Nature Training at Somkhanda Game Reserve near Pongola in northern KwaZulu-Natal. 

Watch this: 

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That is the owner and senior instructor at Bhejane Nature Training, Dylan Panos.

He shared with Flipboard: "We woke up early in the morning with a group of 8 lions moving through camp. They were very vocal, so we were all well aware of their presence just outside our tents. 

"The lions moved through the camp and once they moved to behind the Kitchen building we could no longer see them."

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Our shock is the way in which he stays composed! We're not sure we would be able to remain so calm...


Main Image Courtesy: SWNS YouTube Screenshot

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