WATCH: This is definitely a 10/10 way to tell your partner you're pregnant

WATCH: This is definitely a 10/10 way to tell your partner you're pregnant

Talk about going all the way to share amazing news - it's perfect. 

Couple kisscam pregnancy reveal

Remember when we shared the news of Sky and Clarise's pregnancy? We loved the suspense and drama of it just as much as you did. 

Well, this mom-to-be revealed her pregnancy to her partner in an equally -heartwarming - cool way. 

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We all know the best way to someone's heart is usually through the things they love and enjoy. 

In this case, the couple was at a football game and the camera found them. 

We all know what couples should do the moment they appear on the big screens! When the kiss cam finds you and yours, why not? 

Right after their short kiss, he realised there was a message on the screen. 

Have a look: 

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Such moments are not only special for the parents but the baby will be delighted to know that his or her presence was announced in such a big way - that the parents were extremely excited to meet them. 

This takes us back as well, to Sky and Clarise's gender reveal - what a beautiful moment! 

If you still don't know whether "Baby Archie" is a girl or a boy then here you go:  

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Oh, to be born in the digital age! This video will literally live on the internet forever for the child to find. 

Now, that's cool!



Main Image Courtesy: sportscenter

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