EXCLUSIVE: Sky and Clarise's official gender reveal video

EXCLUSIVE: Sky and Clarise's official gender reveal video

A beautiful moment shared between the parents-to-be. So cute!

Sky and Clarise official video
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Who can forget when Sky shared the beautiful news of his and Clarise's pregnancy on-air? We don't know who was more excited and elated - Darren or Keri. 

They have since let us into their journey as parents-to-be and we cannot help but stay glued onto their social media platforms and our show for updates on the little one. 

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The last time we touched base with them, Sky shared the amazing baby app he was using to help him know how big the baby is looking in mommy's tummy. On Saturday, we received the biggest update... 

A gender reveal party was held with family and friends who all waited in anticipation with the parents-to-be to find out the gender of the little one. 

Take a listen to hear how Sky feels about welcoming a little baby boy!

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With a dad who is such a sports nut - reporting on sports daily, coaching young kids at school for rugby, and so much more, we hope the little one also enjoys it. 

We can imagine Sky is looking forward to that, too. 

Nevertheless, whatever he will enjoy and like, it is certain that he is going to have fun and supportive parents backing him all the way. 

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The official video from Saturday is right here. 

Sky and Clarise's reactions are absolutely beautiful to watch: 

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We had our very own gender reveal in the studio on Monday morning. 

Watch it here: 

If you missed the big announcement of Sky and Clarise's pregnancy, take a listen to Darren and Keri's reaction: 

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Here are some pictures from the gender reveal this weekend: 

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We are totally excited for the parents-to-be! 

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Main Image Courtesy: Sky Tshabalala

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