WATCH: This man realises the popsicle he ate was on a pregnancy stick

WATCH: This man realises the popsicle he ate was on a pregnancy stick

Wait, a whole pregnancy test was done on this stick! Pregnancy reveal on another level...

Pregnancy test on popsicle
Nina DixieNormus Alicia

Have you seen the video yet? It has been making the rounds on social media with so many people shocked at how this lady chose to reveal her pregnancy to her boyfriend. Or is this what creativity looks like now for content creators? 

Well, sharing the news of your pregnancy with anyone is already a hard task, especially if you were not necessarily expecting or planning for it to happen. That's why some people just leave the stick on the boyfriend's side of the bed randomly...

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Some just text "We need to talk" and meet at a cute spot in town and break the news as they get into food. And some who might have wanted it to happen always have fun ideas to share the news. 

A favourite is putting a loaf of bread in the oven hoping to catch the partner off-guard with the famous "I've got a bun in the oven" saying. 

Another favourite is simply buying an infant outfit and sharing it with the partner. But this woman took things to another level with her reveal

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This woman serves the popsicle with the pregnancy test replacing the ice-cream stick. Her boyfriend is unaware that this is a pregnancy stick until...

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It is unfortunately way too late when he realises that he has put his mouth on a used pregnancy test for the past couple of minutes. 

This is definitely not cool at all. 

But we obviously cannot judge content creators for how they do their work or their creativity. 

Anyway, how do you prefer to share the news of your pregnancy or receive the news from your partner? 


Main Image Courtesy: Nina DixieNormus Alicia

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