WATCH: A game of 'peekaboo' could change the world forever

WATCH: A game of 'peekaboo' could change the world forever

A video that all parents need to watch, as your child's future depends on it...

WATCH: A game of 'peekaboo' could change the world forever
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As parents, we often wonder if we are doing it right, you know, parenting the 'right' way. The thing is that everyone is different, everyone has their own way of parenting and it's quite a subjective thing. 

Of course, the main objective is to have the mom and dad on the same page when it comes to applying a consistent and uniformed way of parenting. We once heard that kids choose their parents, the late Louise Hay said: "Children are blessings from the Universe. They are not their parents’ possessions. They’re individual bright spirits—old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience. They’ve chosen their parents for the lessons and challenges that they’ll be given. They’re here to teach us many things if we’re open to learning from them." (Heal your life)

Well, if you are like Louise Hay and truly believe this, then we think that you have some hope when it comes to becoming a better parent for your children and also for you. Parenting is as much a personal learning experience as it is a teaching experience. 

But every great teacher must first be willing to learn and it doesn't mean that because our kids are younger than us that they lack the wisdom and knowledge to school us. Children are extremely perceptive and, believe it or not, they can teach us more than a thing or two. 

Molly Wright, a bright young student who gave the below talk at a TED event, shares that due to research done by scientists, the first five years of a child's life is the most integral in helping a child develop, to making friends, to getting a job, and even starting a family one day.

Molly says that the top things that kids need are: Connecting, Talking, Playing, A healthy home, Community - all these help children's brains reach their full potential. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Facebook):

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