#Unshaken: "Being alone is better than being in the wrong situation" - Pearl Osa

#Unshaken: "Being alone is better than being in the wrong situation" - Pearl Osa

The mother of 11 shares the intricate characteristics of a successful relationship and marriage. 

Pearl Osa Ep2

The mother of 11, motivational speaker, author, and businesswoman may have just cracked the code to being a woman in the 21st century. She has figured out how to successfully fulfil the multiple roles she holds in her life. 

She and her husband have walked the journey of parenthood together, as well as the journey of life together. When she met her husband, he had not had the 'perfect' job and she was a corporate woman thriving in Sandton. 

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In this podcast, you will learn that it is not always about what someone has in terms of material possessions. She highlights how these will not be the anchor of the relationship. The importance is having someone you can "suffer" with. 

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Another highlight of the podcast is when Keri Miller shares that she almost got married at 29. Osa says that making mistakes is ok.

"You can start over," she shared. 

If you are a woman looking to be present in your relationship amid all that goes on in your life, here's a window into how to do it. 

Take a listen:

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From listening to this podcast, you learn that the right man for you is not the one who looks good or the perfect one to match outfits with. It is the man who will stick with you through the harshest of times. 

That is the man who will help you feel fulfilled in all your multiple roles because they are a partner. It does not have to be hard showing up to the table because you are pulling all the weight. Remember that. 


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