Joburg mother of 11, Pearl Osa juggles more than just motherhood

Joburg mother of 11, Pearl Osa juggles more than just motherhood

It could not possibly be an easy task mothering 11 children whilst being a writer, a YouTuber, a corporate and motivational speaker and a wife. But Pearl Osa, former Mrs South Africa semi-finalist does it all so gracefully. 

Pearl Osa

An eager and curious Keri Miller has observed her sister, Ceejae, go through motherhood and can attest it is a fulltime job. Seeing that there is one with 11 children and still continues to have a social life among other things, sparked her interest even more. Pearl Osa, mother of 11 takes a seat on Keri's Couch narrating her 'divine' walk of motherhood. 

"Where do you find the time to sleep", Keri Miller asked mid-interview. This is a question you probably wondered as you your eyes slid through that headline. Well, this mother of 11 shares that sleep has now became her pastime as a result. 

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The energetic mother grew up an only child and jokingly and unknowingly spoke herself into being a mother to not just one; eleven children. "I am going to beat Gogo's record," she remembers saying as a younger Pearl. And she has met her Gogo's record to the 'T' matching her number  of 11 kids. 

Pearl's graceful destiny of motherhood as she passionately describes has unfolded over a span of 8 years. Fortunately, she had her husband John Osa beside her from baby number 1 right until the very last toddler. Because of the not-so-mediocre number of children he's a father to, Pearl and the kids are deciding to have a different kind of Father's Day for him. 

Take a listen to what they have planned: 

In the family of 12, you will be surprised to know the girl to boy ratio in the family. Pearl Osa juggles being a mother, a teacher to her children,  a writer, a YouTuber and a motivational speaker. Oh, and a wife! 

One would be quick to assume she gets help from a nanny or some form of hired help - assume not. "So I come from a strong corporate executive and project management background," she explains. "And so I plan everything meticulously, not just for the day, but literally, for seasons for like lifetimes ahead". This is how they manage their family of a dozen and she manages to still remain sane and on top of everything. 

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She admit she is grateful she gets to do parenting with her husband and sends a heartwarming to her husband and other present and loving fathers out there: 

This is a woman who was able to rock a bikini in a pageant just four weeks after giving birth to her 11th child. 

One can only comment her strength, her courage and maybe even envy her grace as she juggle all that she does whilst mother 11 other human beings. 

To reach Pearl Osa for the corporate gigs, motivational speaking and more, click here. In this link you will also find her book, My Journey To Beautiful. 

For the Keri's Couch podcast of Pearl Osa, listen here: 

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